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Abubaker Abid

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Abubaker Abid
Web Engineer
Software Developer
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  • Dynamic Website
  • Mobile Site Development
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Corporate Websites
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My Expertise Includes

Just some of my expertise.


The latest version of HTML makes it easy to develop for all devices and platforms.


The latest version of CSS makes it easier than ever to build mobile friendly designs.


The backbone of WordPress, PHP makes it easy to build custom themes and plugins.

React JS

The backbone of the new Gutenberg, I use react to build custom blocks.

Content Management
Manage your content with ease.


Manage your content with ease. No more calling developers to add and edit pages, posts or anything else.


Selling your products doesn’t have to be complex. Or it can be. Either way, Shopify can handle it.

MERN Stack

A full stack framework for managing your content and selling your products.

Ruby on Rails

A super lightweight, secure, fast framework for building just about any web application.

Services I offer:

Full Stack WordPress Development

I am expert in full stack WordPress development for high-performance websites that meet your unique needs, including custom themes, plugins, and seamless database management.

Progressive Web App Development

Transform your web presence with cutting-edge progressive web apps, offering native app-like experiences, offline capability, and push notifications for seamless user engagement.

Custom Website Development

Stand out with visually stunning and tailored websites that perfectly reflect your brand identity, combining striking design with flawless functionality and an exceptional user experience.

Web Design and Development

Captivate visitors and drive conversions with our expert web design and development services, creating visually stunning websites with intuitive interfaces and responsive layouts.

Landing Page Development

Maximize your campaign’s success with high-converting landing pages that engage visitors and drive desired actions, boosting your lead generation and customer acquisition.

Website Redesign and Modernization

Give your outdated website a fresh look and improved functionality, ensuring it aligns with current trends, delivers a seamless user experience, and drives better results.

WooCommerce Development and Integration

Unlock the potential of WooCommerce for your e-commerce success, with expert development, customization, and seamless integration of product catalogs, secure payments & inventory management.

Custom CMS Development & Integration

My expertise in streamline content management with a custom CMS tailored to your needs, offering an intuitive interface, easy website updates, and efficient workflow management.

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